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CORONAVIRUS (COVID19) update from Englands House Dental Practice


We hope you are continuing to stay safe and well during the pandemic.

Englands House Dental Practice opened on the 10th of June 2020. We have reopened and for the safety of our patients and our staff we are determined to dedicate our time to ensuring all patients will be looked after to the best standards.

Routines will be slightly different to normal so please read the information carefully. Our priority is to ensure patients and staff alike remain safe during all routine dental care.

As you will understand, the challenge with dentistry is that it is not possible to provide dental treatment and maintain social distancing. Before the Covid-19 pandemic, dental surgeries operated to the highest levels of infection control and decontamination and like any medical profession, we are used to working in an environment where there is the potential for exposure to viruses and bacteria. We do everything possible to reduce the risk to our team and to our patients. And we do it well! So, when you come back to see us we want you to have every confidence that we are doing everything possible to make your visit as safe and comfortable as possible.

It is likely that some treatments will be available before others as there are different PPE requirements for the various treatments we offer. We will keep you updated as the pandemic climate is constantly evolving.

We will be triaging phone calls and making appointments accordingly.

Please contact us if you have any concerns. Our dental team is more than happy to help answer any questions.

Stay Safe Englands House Dental Practice

We are recommending a card payment system in the current climate to reduce risk. You can also pay by BACS transfer or call us to take payment over the phone 

Cost of PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) varies by treatment from £520 


 Morning – Before our first patient of the day, the treatment room is aired properly and all surfaces are disinfected. All waterlines are flushed to remove the treated water that has been left overnight. 

Throughout the Day – Before and after each patient visit, we clean and disinfect all surfaces, buttons and handles using disinfecting sprays or wipes. Protective plastic barriers may be applied to selected equipment such as the headrest on the dental chair and to some of the instruments attached to the chair. Suction hoses are cleaned and disinfected and all waterlines are flushed through after every patient.  After the completion of the treatment, instruments are cleaned, disinfected and sterilised. 

 Evening – All removable components of the dental chair are detached and disinfected or sterilised, while surfaces are disinfected using specifically approved disinfecting liquids. When the last appointment of the day is completed, all waterlines are once more flushed through, ready for the start of another day. 


Please phone to speak to the practice  

Wdo not allow people to walk into the practice under the current regulations unless they are booked in for an appointment. 

Once you have been screened  then they will determine how soon we need to see you. 


You will be contacted a day or two before your appointment. We will ensure that your medical history is completed thoroughly. Please have any relevant medication names available so you can inform the dentist. It is your responsibility to provide us with all information to ensure we can assess and treat accordingly.  

Additionally, we will ask some COVID-19 screening questions. If you are isolating due to track and trace/ shielding/ have any symptoms it is again your duty to inform us accordingly. If you are in a high-risk category due to your medical history then we will discuss options for you.  

Anyone with symptoms should self-isolate for 7 days from when their symptoms started. 

If you wish to get more advice please contact 111.  

When attending an appointment, you must come alone or, if required, with a carer or guardian. We strongly advise you to use the bathroom before attending the practice.  

You are advised to park as close to the practice as possible. If arriving by foot then please arrive on time. When you arrive, please knock on the door Due to social distancing regulations, we will be unable to accommodate anyone to wait in reception.  

On arrival you will need to wear a mask, we will ask you to use alcohol rub for your hands. We will then make a recording of your temperature.  

We request that you bring minimal personal belongings to the practice. Your belongings will be placed in a lockable cabinet in the waiting room before entering the surgery 


Your dentist will verbally double check your medical history is unchanged before any treatment on the day of your appointment 

We will ensure you understand all options for treatment and obtain consent for which option you wish to proceed with. We will be using enhance PPE during our appointments. These will include an enhanced face mask, a visor and eye protection. 
You may be asked to rinse your mouth prior to commencement of treatment 

We may place a rubber sheet in your mouth to reduce saliva and spray 


We will again provide hand sanitiser for you to use. 

If another appointment required, we may ask to phone you later to book to optimise social distancing.


It is required that you provide the dental practice with a concise, up-to-date medical history as well as honestly answering the COVID-19 screening questions.  

We are still in the middle of the pandemic and following all recommended guidelines to ensure safe dental care. However, it is important you understand that while all dental care carried out will be done as safely as possible, there is always a risk of getting COVID-19 compared to staying at home. This is why we are conducting phone call assessments and wearing the appropriate PPE to ensure risk is as low as we can achieve. 

Additionally, due to the restrictions of treatment for safety, treatment options may be somewhat limited in comparison to before the pandemic. Your dentist will always ensure that you are fully aware of all available options at the time.  

We are aiming to treat all of our patients experiencing pain in the practice. However, if we feel that a dental emergency would be better off to be treated in a hospital environment, we may advise you of this. As a healthcare provider, your health is what is highly important to us and we want to ensure you receive the correct and appropriate attention.  


Taking a highly professional, yet reassuringly personal approach to your dental care.

England’s House Dental Practice has been in Bookham for over twenty years but our characterful building has been around for far longer, making us a particularly charming venue for your dental care. Our tranquil setting helps to melt away any anxiety, allowing you to sit back and relax while you take advantage of our experience and expertise.

As well as providing a calming environment filled with advanced dentist equipment, we are also committed to delivering high-quality preventive care to help maintain your dental health. We believe a healthy mouth is vital to your well-being and help you achieve this by keeping a close professional eye on your teeth and tailoring treatment to suit your individual needs.

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